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About NFCA



NFCA is a trade association whose members include fireproofing contractors, manufacturers, and associates who provide, install or support spray fire-resistive material (SFRM) and intumescent fire-resistive material (IFRM), Board and Wrap Fireproofing contractors. Fireproofing provides hourly fire-resistance-ratings to structural steel and other building elements when installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions and the tested and listed designs, as mandated by the building codes.

NFCA advocates for structural fire-resistance for buildings.  Through active participation at the ICC, NFPA, National Building Code of Canada, and other building and standards code development processes, NFCA works for fire and life-safety using fire-resistance. 

NFCA advocates for better quality installation with the NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program, UL Qualified SFRM Contractor Program, and Inspection in accordance with codes and standards. NFCA also advocates for maintaining protection through fire code requirements and education for building life cycle safety. 

NFCA's education through Webinars, Conferences and Symposiums, the NFCA Handbook of Fireproofing Knowledge, provides contractor, inspector and AHJ personnel with great fire-resistance resources.

The NFCA is structured with a Board of Directors, an Executive Director, and Committees who carry out membership's direction to further the quality of passive fire-resistance installations for life safety and structural protection in buildings.