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NFCA Board

NFCA's Board of Directors meets face to face and on teleconference/webinars covering important industry and association issues.


2021-2022 NFCA Board of Directors

Carl Fernald, President

Rolling Plains Construction

Apache Junction, AZ

Mathew Stephenson, 2nd Vice President
Commercial Fireproofing & Insulation

Dallas, TX

Steve Winston, Treasurer
American Coatings Corporation
Ashland, VA

Nikita Gordon, Secretary

Gunnlaugson Spray-On (2020) Ltd.

Winnipeg, MB


Directors 2020-2021

Adam Carter, Director

Superior Industrial Insulation Company

Cleveland, OH

Daniella Lopez, Director

Nevell Group, Inc.

Concord, CA

Keith Kennedy, Director

Aries Contracting Ottawa Inc.,

Ottawa, ON

Bob Pool, Director

Alfred Miller Contracting

Lake Charles, LA

Neal Rivers, Director

Easley & Rivers, Inc.

Monroeville, PA

Paul Steele, Director
Raymond-Southern California
Orange, CA

Matthew Strieter, Director

Southern Insulation Inc.

Hyattsville, MD

John Taglienti, Director

East Coast Fireproofing Co., Inc.

Wrentham, MA

Jonathan Wohl, Past President
Wohl Diversified Services,
Port Chester, NY

Howard Towler, Director Emeritus

ACME Fireproofing

Jenks, OK

Bubba Winston, Director Emeritus

American Coatings Corporation

Ashland, VA


Executive Director

Bill McHugh
National Fireproofing Contractors Association
4415 W Harrison, Suite 540
Hillside, IL. 60162


NFCA Board of Directors History