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NFCA Board

NFCA's Board of Directors meets face to face and on teleconference/webinars covering important industry and association issues.

Back Row: Bill McHugh, Steve Winston, Paul Steele, John Taglienti, Mathew Stephenson and

Howard Towler

Front Row: Martin Rodriguez, Jonathan Wohl, Cynthia Izon, Sean Younger and Keith Kennedy

Not Shown: John Dalton, Kurt Neff and Bubba Winston



Jonathan Wohl, President
Wohl Diversified Services,
Port Chester, NY

Martin Rodriguez, 1st Vice President
Martin Bros./Marcowall
Gardena, CA

Mathew Stephenson, Treasurer
True Fireproofing
Denver, CO

Steve Winston, Secretary
American Coatings Corporation
Ashland, VA





John Taglienti, Past President

East Coast Fireproofing Co., Inc.

Walpole, MA

John Dalton, Director

GCP Applied Technologies

Cambridge, MA

Keith Kennedy, Director

Aries Contracting Ottawa Inc.

Ottawa, ON

Kurt Neff, Director

Isolatek International

Stanhope, NJ

Paul Steele, Director
Raymond-Southern California
Orange, CA

Sean Younger, Director

Carboline Company

St. Louis, MO

Howard Towler, Director Emeritus

ACME Fireproofing

Jenks, OK

Bubba Winston, Director Emeritus

American Coatings Corporation

Ashland, VA


Executive Director

Bill McHugh
National Fireproofing Contractors Association
4415 W Harrison, Suite 540
Hillside, IL. 60162