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NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program (CAP)



When it comes to life safety, you can’t afford not to use an NFCA Accredited Contractor

The Contractor Accreditation Program (CAP) was created by NFCA to improve the quality and accuracy of installing Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM) and Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials (IFRM) by fireproofing contractors. 

The key components of this program are:

  • Contractor Qualification
  • Designated Training
  • Individual Examination
  • Program Fees and License Agreement
  • Continuous Contractor Education
  • NFCA Seal of Accreditation


Contractor Qualification

Contractor must be a member of NFCA and have at least two years of experience installing products, must have completed installation of at least 20 projects, must have certification stating that the contractor has received product training by a product supplier, and has been installing that supplier’s product for at least two years.

Designated Training

Attend NFCA Contractor Accreditation Training for SFRM Fireproofing or IFRM fireproofing that covers the details of the UL design procedures, code compliance procedures, beam substitution procedures, thickness adjustment procedures, priming requirements, UL global design issues, NFCA applications and quality control standards, and ASTM standards relevant to the industry.

Individual Examination

Pass an extensive examination conducted by NFCA to confirm the fireproofing contractor’s representative has become skilled with all the subject matter of the training program. Upon receiving a minimum passing score of 80%, the tested individual will become the fireproofing contractor’s Designated Responsible Individual (DRI). The fireproofing contactor must have paid all associated Program Fees and signed the NFCA License Agreement.

Program Fees and License Agreement

Member Cost to attend a training session is $550 for IFRM and $650 for SFRM per person. Members with two or more participants receive a $100 discount.  Non-member prices are available. After sucssessful completion of training, NFCA will prepare the License Agreement and invoice for the initial license fee of $500 per accreditation or $750 for both.

The annual CAP License Fee of $200 for one accreditation, or $250 for both SFRM and IFRM, is invoiced in May and due June 1st each year.

Continuous Contractor Education

The accredited contractor’s DRI must obtain ten (10) Continuing Educational Units (CEU's) a year, or a total of 30 CEU's over three years.  One hour equals one CEU. The education must be related to the industry, and a certificate of completion must be provided to the NFCA as verification that the contractor has fulfilled its annual training requirements.

NFCA Seal of Accreditation

Once the contractor meets all of the requirements of the NFCA accreditation program, they will receive either an SFRM or IFRM seal to confirm that they are in compliance with the CAP and a knowledgeable fireproofing contractor.

A specific trademarked seal is available to those contractors meeting the program requirements. The seal, displayed below, will include the contractor's company name and specific location, for the contractor's use. 


NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program Accreditation Seals


NFCA SFRM Accredited Contractors

NFCA IFRM Accredited Contractors

Further details of the program and its operation are available in the following document “NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program For Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials (SFRM) and Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials (IFRM)”

NFCA CAP Training for DRI's is held annually in conjunction with NFCA's Fireproofing Educational Conference & Annual Meeting.  The next training will be held March 18-20, 2019, at Hilton Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, prior to the 2019 NFCA Fireproofing Educational Conference, March 20-22, 2019.

Manufacturers of SFRM Fireproofing or IFRM Fireproofing, who are members of the NFCA, will begin including the requirement that the contractor be an NFCA Accredited Contractor in their project specifications as the numbers of accredited contractors reach a critical mass in any market.

Set your business apart from the rest and become a NFCA Accredited Contractor.  Contact NFCA for further information.