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UL Solution Qualified SFRM Contractor Program


NFCA announces the 2020 improved UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor Program.  NFCA and UL Solutions partnered to develop the UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor Program in 2007-2010, and worked together to make it better in 2019-2020.

NFCA Member SFRM Fireproofing Contractors install Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM) in accordance with the tested and listed system design and manufacturers instructions. UL Solutions' Qualified SFRM Contractor Program offers the SFRM Contractor, Specifiers, Code Officials, and others, an independent, third party audit - a way to quantifyably demonstrate SFRM Contractor Quality Management System.

Requirements Overview

UL Solutions' Qualified SFRM Contractor Program requirements are based on the requirements of ISO/IEC DIS 17021.2 "Conformity Assessment Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems" and applicable sections of ISO 17024 "Conformity Assessment - General Requirements for bodies operating certification of persons".

The fireproofing contractor's management system is audited under the UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor Program, providing an integrated approach to contractor qualifications.  The demonstrated knowledge - a person passing the NFCA Fireproofing Exam based on NFCA's Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge; and a Management System Audit - provides a way to qualify a contractor in specifications as suitable to install SFRM fireproofing. 


How to Become a UL Qualified SFRM Contractor

Step 1 - NFCA SFRM Fireproofing Exam
Upon completion of the written NFCA SFRM Fireproofing Exam, the Contractor is issued a Letter of Completion from NFCA stating the name of the individual who completed the exam, exam score, results of exam.  That's step one in the process to becoming a UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor - becoming a NFCA DRI with a NFCA Accredited Fireproofing Contractor.

Step 2 - Write a Management System

The SFRM Fireproofing Contractor needs to have a documented management system describing procedures the firm uses to get fireproofing installed to the specifications, manufacturers installation instructions and tested and listed system designs. 

Step 3 - Pass the UL Management System Audit

The UL Solutions Management System audit takes place at the SFRM Contractor's Office and at a project site to verify that the management system is working.  After completion of the UL Solutions Audit and proof that there is at least one person who has passed the NFCA SFRM Fireproofing Exam and the contractor is NFCA Accredited, the Contractor will be issued a UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor Certificate. UL Solutions will provide the SFRM Contractor with an Audit Report within a mutually agreed time that includes audit findings and conclusions, any identified non-conformities still remaining and eligibility for a Certificate. UL Solutions retains ownership of the Audit Report.

Once the SFRM Fireproofing Contractor is Qualified, the Contractor needs to appoint the person that passed the NFCA SFRM Fireproofing Exam as a Designed Responsible Individual (DRI).  The person is not a UL Solutions DRI until the company passes the management system audit by UL Solutions, similar to NFCA's requirements. 

The UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor Certificates expire 12 months from date of issue and may be canceled or withdrawn by UL Solutions at any time. To remain current, the UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor will be subject to an annual full and complete re-audit. The re-audit will include a comprehensive audit of the UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor's Management System. The purpose of the re-audit is to determine if the Contractor, their DRI and their Management System comply with all aspects of the Program Requirements.

The Contractor Management System (MS) requirements are state in the UL Solutions SFRM Program Requirements. Contractors seeking the UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Contractor Program recognition can use this as a resource to build their management system.

Step 4 - Stay UL Solutions Qualified
Once the company becomes a UL Solutions Qualified SFRM Fireproofing Contractor, the company needs to continue to be a NFCA Accredited SFRM Contractor. The DRI needs to keep CEU's in accordance with NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program. The UL Solutions Qualified company is audited by UL Solutions Personnel every year. 


NFCA Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge

The NFCA Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge provides Fireproofing Contractors, Inspection Agencies, Specifiers, Code Officials, with detailed information on all aspects of Fireproofing.  The document covers SFRM and IFRM, and more.  The NFCA Handbook is used as a study guide during the NFCA Fireproofing Education Program before taking the NFCA SFRM or IFRM Examination. Click the link below to order your copy today.


NFCA SFRM Guidelines

NFCA has published guidelines for the application of SFRM and a Quality Control procedure to be used during application of SFRMs. Both of the documents are posted at the Resources Tab.