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UL Qualified Contractor

The Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM) industry is a subset of the building industry that serves residential, institutional, commercial and industrial industries. The SFRM industry addresses the common need to limit the hazardous spread and damaging effects of fire. SFRM involve insulating structural steel elements from direct impingement of fire and thus, enabling floor, ceiling, and wall assemblies and beams and columns to obtain fire endurance ratings. SFRM Fireproofing Contractors must choose and install Classified SFRMs carefully and effectively to establish a protective system for a structure to comply with architectural, AHJ, and customer requirements.

UL's Qualified SFRM Contractor Program offers the SFRM industry independent, third party audit services for the following:

  1. Acknowledgement of a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) who has met Program Requirements, passed a written exam that tests knowledge of the NFCA SFRM Manual of Practice for SFRM Contractors and the UL Fire Resistance Directory.
  2. On-site examination of Contractor's Management System to determine conformance in accordance with Program Requirements.

Requirements Overview

UL's Qualified SFRM Contractor Program requirements are based on the requirements of ISO/IEC DIS 17021.2 "Conformity Assessment Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems" and applicable sections of ISO 17024 "Conformity Assessment - General Requirements for bodies operating certification of persons".

The contractor firm systems audited under the Program provide an integrated approach (Demonstrated knowledge and Management System) to controlling the application process in addressing customer and other applicable requirements.

The Management System (MS) Checklist Form, available on UL's website, is intended to help organize and streamline Contractor's effort in determining compliance of Contractor's management system with UL's Qualified SFRM Contractor Program Requirements defined in this Program requirements document. The Checklist Form is a tool to assist the Contractor but does not represent the entirety of the UL's requirements.

Upon completion of the written DRI exam, the Contractor is issued a Letter of Completion stating the name of the individual who completed the exam, exam score, results of exam and explanation that all Program Requirements must be met before the Contractor will be issued a Certificate.

Upon completion of the audit of the Contractor's Management System, uL will provide the Contractor with an Audit Report within a mutually agreed time that includes audit findings and conclusions, any identified non-conformities still remaining and eligibility for a Certificate. UL retains ownership of the Audit Report.

Upon a determination the the Contractor has met UL Requirements, the Contractor will be issued a certificate. Certificates expire 12 months from date of issue and may be canceled or withdrawn by UL at any time. To remain current, the Contractor will be subject to an annual full and complete re-audit. The re-audit will include a comprehensive audit of the Contractor's Management System. The purpose of the re-audit is to determine if the Contractor, their DRI and their Management System comply with all aspects of the Program Requirements.


SFRM Guidelines

NFCA has published guidelines for the application of SFRM and a Quality Control procedure to be used during application of SFRMs. Both of the documents are available on this website under the Resources Tab.

Manual of Practice

The NFCA Manual of Practice provides contractors with detailed in formation on all aspects of designing and installing SFRMs and is used as a study guide during the NFCA SFRM Training Program before taking the UL Examination. This manual is only available to those contractors taking the NFCA SFRM Training Program.