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Fire-Resistance Webinar Info


NFCA Free Webinar Series

Mark your calendar for the NFCA 2022 FREE Webinar Series:

March 17, 2022 (Thursday): 10:00 am - 11:00 am  Topic: Compare & Contrast Fire-Resistance & Reaction to Fire Test Standards –  Learn the differences between UL 263 and ULC-S-101, ASTM E84 and UL723, UL 1709.  The fire test standards are how manufacturers determine fire-resistance ratings, reaction to fire values, and more. 
We had over (150) sign up for this webinar -- If you missed it, Member's can view RECORDING and Slide presentation in the NFCA Members Only section. 


April Webinar Will be Rescheduled later in the year - Topic: Fireproofing Inspection Details

May 24, 2022 (Tuesday): 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Topic:  NFCA Award of Excellence Winners

June 14, 2022 (Tuesday): 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Topic:  Fireproofing Surface Preparation


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NFCA Past Webinar Series FREE SLIDES & RECORDINGS for everyone: 

"ASTM E119 and UL 263"

See the latest updates for understanding fire resistance standards and international buildling code.  NFCA makes this webinar recording and slide presentatino available to all to support and better everyones knowledge on fireproofing. Click here to view the webinar recording.  Click here to view the slide presentation only


"Fire-Resistance Standards and the International Building Code" 

Code Officials, Specifiers, Contractors....want to know the right questions to ask for a safe building - and compliance with the International Building Code? Consultant to NFCA Rich Walke, with host Bill McHugh, present key parts of ASTM E119, UL 263 and CAN/ULC-S101 you need to know. The acceptance criteria are critical to understand - to know why certain variances to the standards - are not safe and should not be allowed. Hear the common 'misinformation' points, questions to ask for building code compliance for new construction and existing buildings. Click here to view the webinar recording.  Click here to view the slide presentation only.

"NFCA on NFCA’s Fireproofing Contractor Accreditation Program, UL QSFRMCP and Special Inspections"

Structural fire-resistance achieved through fireproofing helps keep buildings supported during fire. It’s important that the tested and listed systems be installed in accordance with the listing and the manufacturers installation instructions. Learn about NFCA’s Contractor Accreditation Programs, UL’s newly relaunched Qualified SFRM Contractor Program, and the International Building Code’s statements about Special Inspection – plus the changes NFCA provided in the IBC 2021 Code.  Click here to view the webinar recording.  Click here to view the slide presentation only.


Code Officials, Fire Marshals/Inspectors, Architects/Engineers, Specifiers, General Contractors - if you approve Fireproofing Product and Tested and Listed System Submittals, or buy Fireproofing Services, watch this Webinar.

NFCA's Rich Walke and Bill McHugh provide Education about how fireproofing complies with the Building Codes through ASTM E119 and UL 263 - ULC-S-101.  This program covers how Fire-Resistance is determined so you can approve, buy or inspect fireproofing. CLICK HERE to check this out!



NFCA Fire-Resistance in Buildings Seminar, is a day of education specific to fireproofing and fire-resistance in buildings, offered free to architects, building code officials, fire marshals and specifiers, with the goal of educating those who work and have influence in the field, as a service to the fireproofing industry. Contractors and special inspectors are welcome to attend for a fee. This seminar is held annually in the fall or winter, in cities around the United States and Canada. Details for 2021 or 2022 will be announced soon.


Want to see a previous programs? NFCA Members, visit the Members Only section to check out recordings of last year's programs.  Not a member? Join now

Want to see a previous webinar? All webinar recordings and slide presentations are available in the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION. Not a member?  JOIN NOW!

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October 3, 2019 - NFCA "Fire-Resistance in Buildings" Seminar Presentations, The L.A. Grand Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

ICC’s International Building Code Ch. 7 & other Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction Highlights, John Dalton, GCP Applied Technologies and Russ Harvey, Isolatek International

California View on Fire-Resistance and New Code Changes, Crystal Sujeski, California State Fire Marshal’s Office

Fire-Resistance Rated Test Standards for Elements and Assemblies, Rich Walke, UL

Key Issues - Intumescent Fire-Resistant Materials (IFRM), George Gaunci, Sherwin Williams; Ernst Toussaint, Hilti; and Sean Younger, Carboline

Key Issues – Spray Fire-Resistant Materials (SFRM), John Dalton, GCP Applied Technologies; Russ Harvey, Isolatek; and Sean Younger, Carboline

OSHPD Perspectives and IBC’s Chapter 17, Special Inspection, Fire-Resistance & Fireproofing, Nanci Timmins, Chief Fire and Life Safety Officer, OSHPD and Bill McHugh, NFCA

ICC International Fire Code requirements for Fire Resistance – Rich Walke, UL


June 5, 2019 - NFCA Presentation, by Bill McHugh at the PFPNetwork in Manchester, England

April 16, 2019 - NFCA Presentation, by Bill McHugh at CSI Meeting, Worcester Polytecnic Institute, Worcester, MA

April 5, 2017 - NFCA Presentation, by Bill McHugh at Nova Scotia Building Officials Association, Halifax, NS