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NFCA Fireproofing Contractors install passive fireproofing products such as Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials (SFRM) and Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials (IFRM), Boards and Wraps, to protect structural building elements from fire - as required by building codes - and the manufacturers and associates who provide and or service those products. NFCA represents the fireproofing industry - manufacturers, equipment, inspection and installation. Looking for a NFCA Accredited Fireproofing Contractor or UL Qualified SFRM Contractor ? Visit NFCA's Member Lists!

NFCA Contractor Members have at least two years’ experience with a minimum of 20 completed projects are considered ‘Contractor Members in Good Standing’. NFCA Interim Contractor Members have not reached the two years and or 20 project milestone.



The NFCA represents fireproofing contractors and manufacturers, equipment suppliers, inspection agencies, who install, inspect or provide passive fire protection for structures as required by building codes for the preservation of life safety. Member fireproofing contractors install Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM), Intumescent Fire-Resistive Material (IFRM) and fireproofing board and wrap products to complex listings and manufacturers instructions.

The NFCA works to improve the proper use and application of fireproofing products through development of standard practices and educational programs for the industry.


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BUILDING CODES & FIRE TESTING - The Building Codes require horizonatl fire-resistance-rated assemblies to be full-scale tested (12' x 14', approx 3m x 4m) with a load applied where a load is expected.  Why?  Small-scale horizontal fire testing does not allow for a load to cause deflection of the assembly.  Small-scale fire testing for horizontal assemblies and without a load applied does not reflect real world conditions and is not safe, unless there is NEVER going to be a load applied in the field.  Learn More

FREE FIREPROOFING EDUCATION- NFCA's Fire-Resistance FIREPROOFING WEBINAR RECORDING-  Get a detailed look at structural fireproofing and the acceptance critiera needed for approvals and substitution requests.  Check out this program on fire test standards ASTM E119, UL 263 and CAN/ULC-S-101. Testing products - in a full scale furnace with loads applied where applicable - proves fire-resistance. FREE NFCA Fire-Resistance Education PPT Slides

July 17, 2024 - The recent webinar on 'The History of Fire Test Standards' with Rich Walke was a hit!  Missed it?  Members can find the presentation in Members Only

July 16, 2024 - Get ready...it's webinar time!  Join us today at 1 pm CDT for 'The History of Fire Test Standards' with Rich Walke.


July 1, 2024 - NFCA was recently seen at the NFPA Conference & Expo, shaking hands, meeting new friends, and making tons of new contacts around the world!


June 24, 2024 - Did you know the NFCA has a new company LinkedIn Page?  Check it out! 

June 4, 2024 - Where can you go to find Fireproofing Products?  The NFCA Resources page, of course!

May 23, 2024 - Have you heard?  Construction has officially wrapped up on the world's most expensive arena.  And NFCA Member Raymond Group provided the fireproofing!  As if it wasn't obvious before, this proves NFCA Members do it best!

May 20,2024 - Say hello to NFCA's newest Manufacturer Member, Contego International! 

May 15, 2024 - NFCA issued a document clarifying how fireproofing and air barrier materials interact and fire-resistance.

May 10, 2024 - NFCA Travels to Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar, early June. Register for this joint NFCA/FCIA Symposium in the middle east! 

May 5, 2024 - NFCA's Committees continue to meet virtually.  Don't miss out on the action. Check out NFCA's Committee Pages, then email us for NFCA Board approval to get involved.

April 30, 2024 - NFCA's Staff had productive times at ICC's Code Development Hearings. Watch the next e-Newsletter for details.

April 23, 2024 - Don't miss today's webinar, 'The Top 10 Employment Law Mistakes Most Commonly Made by Fireproofing Contractors (and How to Avoid Them!)' with Philip J. Siegel, Esq. (Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel, P.C.).  Register Today!

April 3, 2024 - NFCA continues to hear from other industries about how materials affect fire-resistance-ratings when they contact on another.  NFCA's response?  Check out this new position statement on this very topic!

April 2, 2024 - Fire Testing for horizontal assemblies needs to take place in a Full-Scale Furnace (about 12' x 17'), with a Load Applied, as specified in ASTM E119/UL 263. Why?  Learn more here

March 6, 2024 - The Week of Learning opens next week.  Let's Meet the Attendees!

March 5, 2024 - NFCA Fireproofing Contractor Members, did you know you can use your FREE Attendee to the Week of Learning for a VIRTUAL attendee?  Register today!

February 29, 2024 - Where can you go to find a fireproofing contractor near you?  The NFCA Member List, of course!

Feb. 9, 2024 - Want to know what's going on in Fireproofing Industry that affects your business? Be IN THE KNOW by attending the NFCA Week of Learning '24Book your hotel room today!  Group rates expire Feb. 12! Email us if you don't get NFCA's Rate.

Feb. 7, 2024 - Want to know who's going to be at the NFCA Week of Learning '24Check out the attendees!  (Don't see your name on that list? What are you waiting for?  Register today!)

Feb. 2, 2024 - Did you know that full-scale fire testing with load applied of horizontal assemblies IS the acceptance criteria in ASTM E119 and UL 263?  Learn More

Jan. 17, 2024 - Register for our February webinar, being produced with FCIA, 'Which Came First: The Firestopping or The Fireproofing?' with NFCA's very own John Dalton (GCP).  Coming soon to a computer near you (on February 21, 10:00 am CST to be exact!)!

Jan. 16, 2024 - Thanks to everyone who joined us today for 'The ASTM E119, UL 263, and CAN/ULC S101 Fire Test Standards' webinar!  Great group and a great session!

Jan. 13, 2024 - Congrats to NFCA Member Accurate Firestop for becoming a UL Qualified SFRM Fireproofing Contractor. The 1st step to UL QSFRMCP is becoming NFCA SFRM Accredited.

Jan. 11, 2024 - Don't miss it!  Registration for the NFCA Week of Learning '24 is NOW OPEN!!!

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